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The Morgan County Public Transit is owned and operated by the Morgan County Commissioners and is open to the general public. The county commissioners began operations in 2006 with two vans and have since then expanded the system to seventeen vehicles. The system also started with one supervisor and one dispatcher who also took turns driving.
Today, Morgan County Public Transit employs a transportation supervisor, two full time dispatchers, six full time drivers and fourteen part time drivers. Morgan County Public Transit offers in-county and out-of-county service. Out-of-county service popular destinations include but are not limited to: Columbus, Zanesville, Marietta, Athens, and New Lexington.
Morgan County Public Transit countinues to steadily increase ridership and is currently doing an average of 3,572 trips per month for 2012 as compared to 3,400 trips per month in 2011.

About Our Vehicles

Vehicle Information

The Morgan County Public Transit has a total of 16 vehicles, 14 of which are handicap accessible. We also have 8 vehicles that can accomodate 14 people, and 8 that can accomodate 6 people. All vehicles are equipped with tracking systems and two-way communication equipment.

Service Information

Morgan County FaresPricingOut-of-County FaresPricing
0-8 Miles $1.00 Under 50 Miles $5.00 w/contract
8-12 Miles $1.25 Over 50 Miles $10.00 w/contract
12-16 Miles $1.50 All Others $25.00/hr
non contract
16+ Miles $2.00  

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